Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment for Crowded Teeth

Causes of Crowded Teeth
The cause of overcrowded teeth is most likely to have occurred as part of your growth. Basically the teeth are too large for the jaw in which they sit. The result is that they grown in whatever direction they can find space. Some teeth may be push to odd angles; some sit in front of their neighbours other behind. The result can be quite unattractive and can lead to other problems.


Crowded teeth can result in speech defects and may make one more susceptible to periodontal disease.


Orthodontic Remedies
These problems are usually dealt with in youth by an orthodontist. The orthodontist may extract some teeth and then encourage the others into an acceptable position using braces. However the orthodontic approach will take many months to complete with frequent repeat visits to have braces readjusted. Many adults will prefer a quicker remedy.


Using Crowns to Correct Crowded Teeth
We can often fix even the most severe cases of crowded teeth in the space of about ten days. We start by taking impressions of your whole mouth. From this we make a life size model of your mouth. We then work with the model to establish the best approach to fixing your teeth.


We are able to give you a demonstration of what we will do and you can see the end result before we start. If there are decisions to be made we can make them together before treatment actually begins.


It is probable that we will need to extract some teeth and that others may need to be cut off at the gum line. Working to our model we can make and fit your new teeth to the space available for them. You will find the result remarkable and never again will you be ashamed to smile.


Since cases of crowding do vary between individuals it is hard to give guidance without seeing your teeth, but if you take photos of them and email them to us at we will be able to advise you personally.







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